ECargo Bike Rental
ECargo bikes provide businesses the opportunity to make last mile, emission free deliveries and to access areas otherwise restricted to regular delivery vehicles. For the family they can replace the second car to transport children or collect the shopping in an environmentally friendly and time efficient manner.
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What is included?
ECargo small – Riese&Müller Packster 40

Not much longer than a regular bike but capable of transporting a total weight of 160kg

ECargo medium – Riese&Müller Load 60

Perfect for transporting 2 young children, 1 older child, upto 100kgs of cargo with space
for at least 4 large bags of shopping

ECargo large – Riese&Müller Packster 80

The big boy, total vehicle weight capacity of 200kg and capable of carrying a euro pallet

Premium eBike by Riese&Müller
Cycle helmet
Safety instruction

To check availability and book your ride please complete the online booking process.  If you have any queries please call +350 56004948 or email
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