Delivery eFree – ECargo subscription
ECargo bikes provide businesses the opportunity to make last mile, emission free deliveries and to access areas otherwise restricted to regular delivery vehicles. For the family they can replace the second car to transport children or collect the shopping in an environmentally friendly and time efficient manner.
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By making this booking I confirm I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions included on this website. I also understand that if I am not able to prove proficient cycling ability I will not be able to proceed with the tour or e-bike rental for the safety of myself and all road users. This will be determined by the EBike-Gibraltar member of staff on duty. A refund will not be possible under these circumstances.

A subscription package is valid for 30 days from point of purchase.
Rental is for eCargo bike only. Riders and insurance are not provided.
ECargo bikes need to be collected and returned to the EBike Experience Store.

Premium eBike by Riese&Müller
Cycle helmet
Safety instruction

To check availability and book your ride please complete the online booking process.  If you have any queries please call +350 56004948 or email