Gocycle G4

Gocycle's fast-folding and innovative range reaches new heights with the release of the Generation 4. A single-sided carbon fibre fork means the Gocycle G4 is lighter than its predecessor at 16.6kg. This coupled with an all new G4drive™ motor results in a quieter and yet more powerful and intuitive ride.

The G4 has Mechanical Microshifting™ through 3 gears, a 300Wh removable battery and an LED fuel gauge.

Easily folded in 5-10 seconds, the G4 is maneuverable and portable on its wheels so get to your destination and store the bike away, be that on the train, in the the back of a car or tucked away at home.

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Gocycle G4
Lightweight and portable Folded neatly in under 10 seconds, the Gocycle is maneuverable when folded. It rolls easily on it's wheels and can be lifted and stowed away with ease.
Single-sided carbon fibre fork This all new design from Gocycle delivers significant performance benefits, and reduces weight and stress.
Mechanical Microshifting™ On the G4 you have a mechanical twist grip to shift through the 3 gears which are housed in the patented Cleandrive. One of the key benefits of the Gocycle is that all the gears are enclosed, so no contending muck or grease!
New G4drive™ motor The G4drive™ motor provides a smooth and quiet ride, while delivering more torque and low-speed start capability.
LED display On the G4 you have an LED display showing you your 'fuel gauge'. You can also attach your smart phone via rubber bands provided to show more dynamic ride information.
Comfortable cockpit One of the key reasons the Gocycle rides so well is the touch points of the handlebar, saddle and wheels are the same as a full size bike.

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Gocycle G4

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