Waydoo Flyer One Plus

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Best value eFoil 2023!

Reviewed on Divein here

Waydootech make what is widely recognised as the best value eFoil on the market. The latest generation Flyer One Plus provides an exception eFoil experience at a little more than half the price of other brands.

The EPP version of the Flyer One Plus has a soft top which makes it very robust and forgiving when transporting, storing and learning the basics.

The 6000W motor gives a top speed of 47 kph and ride time of upto 120 minutes depending on the rider's experience and body weight. Charge time is around 2 hours from fully depleted.

The Explorer wing set gets beginners out of the water with ease. The controller combines a trigger with + and - buttons which gives great control over speed setting.

There is a smart suitcase, also made of EPP, and the plug-and-play battery system makes installation and maintenance hassle free.

Flyer One Plus

Flyer One Plus

Best value eFoil 2023!Reviewed on Divein here..

£5,799.00 £6,399.00

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