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What Our Customers Say
Elliot E

"Riding by the sea to the Southern tip of Europe, up to the very top of Gibraltar (with ease of bike!) through the Natural Park and then returning past the Moorish castle and through the Old Town was a very special way to see the best of Gibraltar, and gave me a true flavour of life beyond the busy tourist streets."

Rachel K

"In my opinion (and as a totally non-serious cyclist), it is the most exhilarating way to experience parts of the rock I would normally only brave on foot! That said, the ride is challenging enough to leave you feeling physically satisfied (with exactly the right, personally-chosen, level of assistance you require!), as well as the obvious mental benefits of being in such wonderful surroundings! Left feeling enlightened to some of the history of the rock, and like I had done something worthwhile! Thank you, e-bike rock ride!!"

Sophie vM

"My trip round and up the rock was completely exhilarating. It gave me an immense sense of achievement - although the ascent wasn’t difficult thanks to the amazing power assisted bikes, it felt like an athletic day out. I saw unusual parts of Gibraltar I had never imagined existed, took in the local wildlife - the views were stunning. I would love to do it again and will definitely invite visiting friends and family members to join me next time - 10/10." 

Alex vM

"I must admit that the bikes look big and heavy but they rock. We went on a three hour journey across up down up again all over the Rock. It was like having a day of light exercise with a smug look on ones face, perfect for a middle aged man. The idea of doing excursions will 110% take off. A very clever idea."

Peter H

"The ease with which we climbed the steep roads taking us to the top of the rock was incredible. To enjoy the views across the strait taking in three countries and two continents was awe inspiring. Not forgetting seeing the iconic rock apes on route."

Tom C

"What an amazing way to see The Gibraltar Nature Reserve. My e-bike experience enabled me to access the unique trails that meander through the Upper Rock.  The easy pace of the tour and the extra help (every now and then) combined perfectly to let me experience the Reserve’s natural beauty and stunning views. The e-bike opened up the sites of historic interest that do not feature widely as part of the more mainstream ‘tours’.  I would thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Rock."

Sebastian H

"There are beautiful sights to see and there are amazing views. The bikes are really smooth which makes your ride even more enjoyable, although the seat could be a bit more comfortable as you sit on it for a while! Other than that the bikes are really good quality and the experience is amazing.